• How is it that 7K Metals can offer precious metal bullion for such low pricing?

The Reason is simple. We are able to secure the best prices available from the biggest suppliers. We pass that price on to our Members without any mark up.

  • How are you making money if you don’t charge an additional mark up?

We grow by the our sales of the Memberships. Forgoing the typical markup is the core benefit in our Membership Program. Precious metals at extreme discounts are now available to people regardless of their individual purchasing power. It used to be that only large purchasers could access the best possible pricing, but through 7K Metals and our unique approach to servicing the bullion market, that has changed forever. For the first time on a massive scale, the Average Joe has access to high volume pricing.

  • Are the metals offered through 7K Metals the same metals I can get anywhere else?

YES! We have access to any precious metal product you wish to purchase. Whether you want to purchase coins, bullion or rounds, we have it or have access to it. Really, anything is available and because of our shear buying power, you will pay less for it as a 7K Metals Customer.

  • Do I have to sell the 7K Metals Membership Program to receive the at-cost pricing?

At-cost pricing is available to anyone that purchases the 7K Metals Membership, even if they choose not to spread the word about our great program.

  • What is the “Spot” Price?

It is the current price of a particular metal. It is used globally as a benchmark for buying and selling. Other factors are considered when finding price points such as it’s form (bullion, jewelry, bars,etc) and the volume of the sale. For example, coins like the Silver Eagle or Maple Leaf typically trade at a higher price point above spot compared to generic bars, etc.

  • What is the minimum age requirement to be an Associate or member?

You must be 18 years of age to become a Member or Associate.

  • Can I advertise or make my own business cards?

Yes, you can make your own business cards and advertise. Advertisements may be reviewed by 7K Metals and should be in line with corporate ideology. Also, check out www.7ktools.com for pre-approved products.

  • How does 7K Metals promote its products?

We promote our products through our Sales Network. In lieu of traditional advertising methods, we simply pay independent contractors that refer new members to 7K Metals. All Membeship must go through a replicated website (indicated by their personalized web address). Example www.7kmetals.com/johndoe

  • What forms of payment does 7K Metals accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover, wire transfers, ACH, and Bitcoin.

  • Is the 7K Metals site protected and secure for transactions?

Absolutely yes. The site, back office and all transactions are secure. We utilize a SSL, the same way banks and other secure sites do (128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange, etc). Look for the “yellow lock” at the bottom of your browser window.

  • When sharing 7K Metals, what web address do I use?

You use the unique website URL which you created during the “Join Now” process. That link is located in your BackOffice dashboard on the settings Account tab. The website address is the 7K Metals web address followed by a forward slash and the extension that you chose. Example: www.7kmetals.com/johndoe

  • Do I have to sell the Program in order to buy bullion without markup?

No. It’s that simple! As a Member you receive at-cost pricing on all bullion.

  • How long do I have to place a member I sign up?

You have 36 hours to place members you sign up. After 36 hours they are automatically placed in your team according to the default you have set up in your account.  Please see training video “How do I place my people?”

  • What if I want to move my people after they are placed?

Corporate policy does not allow people to be moved after they are placed.  If you make a mistake, please call customer service immediately for help on making a correction (there is no possibility of correcting a placement after 24 hours).